The Car Paint Sealant

We have all heard of the car wax. But the car paint sealant may not be as well known to most car owners.

A car paint sealant does everything a car wax does, just better.

In fact, paint sealant is nothing more than a polymer-based car "wax" that seals better and lasts longer than traditional carnauba-based waxes.

The main job of a sealant, is to protect your car from the harsh elements.

UV rays, acid left behind from rain and industrial fall out are some of the elements that your car is constantly exposed to.

The acidity from rain can cause the paint and even the metal to weaken over time. The acidic compound combined with other elements (such as sunlight) can be strong enough to eat away the paint.

So how exactly is the application of paint sealant beneficial for your car?


The Protection

What the sealant does, is form a protective layer over the paint of the car.

Any debris or dirt that your car is exposed to, now lands on the sealant, rather than the bare paint itself.

Any acidic rain water or harmful UV rays also land on the sealant rather than the bare paint of the car.

Due to it's hydrophobic properties , paint sealants shed water and grime far better meaning your car stays cleaner for longer, and it’s easier to maintain on future washes.

Even rain water is just shed right off the surface. You will notice that your car stays clean even after a heavy downpour.

Paint Sealant


The Shine

Paint sealants offer a different level of gloss.

A glass like reflection is expected from a good sealant application.

Paint sealants do excel in bringing out the shine in modern cars which have the metallic/pearlescent finishes.

Its ability to shed dirt, grimes and water off also keeps your car looking spotless longer.And a clean car always looks great.


Why Washlab Uses The Sealant?

At Washlab, we believe in the sealant.

We believe in the protection it gives and in the undeniable shine it produces.

We also believe in the sealant, because of one very important reason. It keeps the car cleaner, longer.

If your car gets dirty too often, you will be bound to clean it more often.

Cleaning your car too often will damage the paint.

Too much contact with cleaning products and cloths will cause swirl marks and scratches on the car.

The less contact with the paint of the car the better. And the protection from the sealant makes that possible.

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