How a bad wash can damage your car.

As with most things, the paint of your car deteriorates with age. As car owners, It’s up to us to decide how soon we want to see the deterioration become visible.Prolonging the aesthetics of your car depends on various factors.

Using improper tools

1)Using only one pail to wash

Using a single bucket implies putting a rag into dirty water and using that dirty water/soap mixture to wash…slowly but surely imparting scratches in the paint.

Using one bucket for water only (a rinse bucket) and the other bucket for a soap/water mixture (a wash bucket) helps separate the dirt.

At Washlab, our solution to this problem is to use an atomizer to spray the wash solution. This eliminates the pail, and prevents any contamination that may lead to scratches.

2)Using low quality or dirty cloths.

Wash cloths that doesn’t hold dirt well tends to press the dirt against the paint resulting in light swirl marks.

One of the worst things you can do for your car, is to bring it to a local car wash that uses its cloths on hundreds of vehicles daily.

You may get away with it if you’re one of the first few cars through the wash, anything coming through later will leave in poor shape.

At Washlab we use fresh microfiber cloths for each vehicle.

We color code our towels to prevent cross contamination between paintwork, wheels, and glass: wax from paintwork can streak glass while brake dust from wheels and tires can forever scratch and swirl paint.

Using the wrong technique

Using the wash cloth or mitts with a wrong technique could lead to scratches and swirls on the car. This is caused by moving the cloth in a circular motion with excessive pressure, while dragging around different dirt particles on the paint.

At Washlab, we keep every detail of the cleaning process professional.

We use a wiping technique with just the right amount of pressure. We only use a straight line wiping pattern which prevents the dirt from being dragged around.

A circular buffing motion is used to apply wax or sealant, only when the paint is free from dirt.


Not being meticulous

 A good wash, requires attention to detail. Just rinsing your car will only get rid of dirt that meets the eye. To protect the paint, prolong its life, and keep your car looking good, a deeper clean is required.

At Washlab, once the initial wash is done, there is still a lot more to be done.

We give the car a clay treatment. Claying removes deep embedded contaminants on the paint. Contaminants which may not be obvious to the eye, but gives a rough feel when touched.

After claying, we give the car another wash down to ensure the paint is cleared from contaminants and preparing the paint for our final step, wax and sealant application.

Wax and sealant provides a protective layer on your car. It separates the paint from the harsh environment.Keeping the car cleaner longer.

Cleaning interval

During a car wash, rubbing of materials like the wash cloths or mitts with the paint of the car is bound to happen. The friction cause by this can be damaging to the paint.

Washing you car frequently with improper technique will definitely damage the paint heavily.

At Washlab we clean you car once a week. Only using the right techniques.

To keep your car clean and protected during the time it is not being washed, we apply wax and sealant. They create a protective layer keeping debris and dirt from being in contact with the paint.

In Singapore cars are expensive. We all want our cars to look like the price we paid for them. With our professionalism and attention to detail, Washlab can help you protect and look after your car.

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